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Introduction - S. T. Unicom

S. T. Unicom  has been challenging the preset notions of the furniture & decor industry for the past 20 years. Today, the company serves an array of clients ranging from corporate, multinationals and hotels to healthcare institutes and educational institutions and homes made by independent home builder. The company and its brands caters to the nations architectural needs in the industry of Furniture, Luxury Decor & Accessories .

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Modern Wall Clocks

Clocks. Our trusted companion since time immemorial. They serve a much greater purpose than the simple act of time keeping. Today, the choice of clock defines a person. How a person perceived time is articulately portrayed in their choice of clocks.


Metal Wall Sculpture

C. Jeré by Artisan House® , designers and crafters of unique, fine-quality metal sculptures for wall, floor and tabletop. Created by master artists at the firm’s C. Jeré Design Studio in Burbank, California, USA. 


Luxury Crystal Decor

Målerås Glassworks is considered one of the most exciting art glassworks. A work of art glass sculpture, which is cast, starts life in the designer’s sketchbook. Then a model is made as a basis for the finished mould design, which is improved and polished at all stages and in every detail to reach perfection for casting.